Vacqueyras "Les Deux Louis" Red 2015


This wine comes from a selection of our oldest vines in Vacqueyras. They are in the southern sector of an area called Le Plateau des Garrigues. Grenache and Mourvèdre were planted together. This is why, for this cuvée, we pick the grapes at the same time to give a close-up view of the complexity of the terroirs of Vacqueyras. Fermentation in oak vats for about 35 days. Separation into 2 batches, one that is predominantly Mourvèdre, the other predominantly Grenache, indigenous yeasts, pumping over, punching down and rack and return at the beginning, then heat assisted maceration to finish. The still warm wine is then transferred straight to the barrels, maintaining the 2 batches separate, malolactic fermentation in 225 and 600 litre barrels for 12 months. Finishing in small 12 hl barrels (foudres) for 12 more months. We always keep the possibility of assembling the two batches to get the optimal balance between the two varieties. 

Louis is the name of the gentleman who planted this vineyard in the 1960s and it’s also the name of the owner’s son. This special cuvée symbolizes timelessness and cellaring, it is also indicative of the balance and power of terroirs of Vacqueyras.


Grenache 50%, Mourvèdre 50% (55 years old)


Made up of river rolled pebbles, gravel, sand and     red clay, perched on high terraces.      


Intense deep ruby red.


The nose is dominate with toasting, fresh mint, and zest of citrus


Very mellow and complex . The structure begin in a balance intensity.  Continuing  with guarrigue aromas that linger delicay very long


16°C after one hour in a decanter

Potential aging

10 or more years


20 hl/ha – 1 ha



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